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Re: [libvirt] some questions about libvirt features and limitations

Hi Florian,

> Someone mentioned a VirtualBox driver. I'm highly interested in this.
> How is it going ? I'd be more than happy to beta test if required. Will
> it work with both PUEL and OSE versions ? When will it be ready for
> inclusion in libvirt ? How will you handle RDP access, as from what I
> saw only VNC is supported in libvirt currently ?

I am currently working on Virtualbox driver and they are still in nascent 
stage of development.

Yes they will support both the versions cause they depend on the Common Main 
VirtualBox API.

About inclusion in libvirt, that will depend on the libvirt community, as I 
would submit the patches but only on review/ack by all they will pass on 

Not reached the stage of deciding on RDP/VNC yet but any help in it will be 


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