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[Fwd: Re: [libvirt] Libvirt audio xml format]

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Cole, thanks very much - that worked fine.
When I say I couldn't find it in the docs, I was looking in the WIKI in the xml format pages - so apologies if I should have been looking somewhere else.

Cheers, Simon

Cole Robinson wrote:
Simon Lambourn wrote:
Hi, excuse the possible dumb question from a new KVM/Libvirt user - I'm
very impressed overall but struggling to work out how to define an audio
device in the libvirt xml.   I have a virtualised windows XP up &
running, now want to add an audio device.   I can see how to do it in
kvm and I believe audio devices are now supported in libvirt, but could
not find documentation on how to write the xml.  
System is Ubuntu 8.10 on AMD64.
Thanks in anticipation.


You want to stick:

<sound model='es1370'/>

in the <devices> section. Valid model values at the moment are es1370,
sb16, pcspk, ac97 (es1370 should just work windows XP).

Never realized it wasn't in the docs though, I'll write up a patch for that.



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