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Re: [libvirt] Error in virt-install


After applying your patch i didn't get any error like memory corruption.

Nevertheless i was able to access graphics using vnc. Even specifying vnc it tries to open display (maybe something requires it - virt-viewer).

[root localhost ~]# virt-install -n test -r 512 --vnc --file=/dev/VolGroup00/test-os --location=ftp://mirrors/centos/5/os/i386 -x 'text' --vncport=5900

Starting install...

Retrieving file .treeinfo 100% |=========================| 413 B 00:00

Retrieving file vmlinuz.. 100% |=========================| 2.1 MB 00:00

Retrieving file initrd.im 100% |=========================| 5.4 MB 00:00

Creating domain... 0 B 00:01

(virt-viewer:4021): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

Domain installation still in progress. You can reconnect to

the console to complete the installation process.

I access the console using vnc but as you said, after the instalation completes it didn't restart. It disappeared from "virsh list" but i'm able to start it again using:

[root localhost ~]# virsh start test

Domain test started

[root localhost ~]# virsh list

Id Name State


0 Domain-0 running

3 test idle

If there's anything i can do to help please let me know.

Best regards,

Nuno Fernandes

On Tuesday 10 March 2009 10:21:01 Daniel Veillard wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 10:16:26AM +0100, Daniel Veillard wrote:

> > > Starting install...

> > > *** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/python: free(): invalid next size

> > > (fast):

> >

> > Yes I'm seeing this too on 0.6.1 on RHEL-5.3, I'm trying to chase it

> > down, it's a bit hard to find out where the memory corruption occurs.

> >

> > > I've memtested the memory and its fine. If i use a file as the target

> > > (instead of a block device) it also works:

> > >

> > > virt-install -n test -r 512 --vnc --file=/tmp/test-os --file-size=2 --

> > > location=ftp://mirrors/centos/5/os/i386

> >

> > yes I get the crash with a file based target too.

> > I'm investigating ...


> I guess I nailed it down, it's something we introduced when converting

> memory allocation, and since the block getting allocated includes both

> char * and char we failed to allocate enough space for the leading

> char * array.

> With this patch I was able to create a new guest and have it load

> with virt-install (but just in serial concole, graphics didn't work

> for some reason), it disapeared from the domain list too after being

> restarted at the end of the installation, so there is more stuff to

> be fixed on RHEL/Centos Xen, but that one seems solved,


> Daniel

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