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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] fix Xen event handling

Daniel Veillard:
>  As was reported on IRC and found by Dan Berrange, sometimes Xen event
>  handling could start to go wild and block processing of requests in
> the daemon.
>  The fault at least on libvirt side is that we didn't filter out non
> read/write event requests when asking for watches in the xenstore. The
> provided patch seems to work for the person who reported the original
> problem,

It seems to work, although it may not have solved my problem:


There are five backed-up pause requests on this server, and it seems
that four of them may be stuck in the xenstore code (apologies for the
lack of debugging symbols on there.  I really ought to get a debug
package built, or haul over an unstripped version of libxenstore.so 3.2
from somewhere).

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