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Re: [libvirt] virDomainGetVcpus error with Fedora 10

I tracked this down, and it's failing the if (cpumaps != NULL && maplen < 1) check in libvirt.c because cpumaps is non-NULL. Which is very strange because I'm definitely passing a NULL value.
The qemud/remote.c helper for the virDomainGetVcpus method is just doing a totally bogus calculation/allocation for the cpumaps field.
It needs fixing somehow, but I'm not sure how yet
Any update on this?

I've had another look at it, and believe I have a suitable fix. There were
two problems.
 - Not allocating a large enough array for the cpumaps field
 - Not respecting a cpumaplen=0, as meaning pass cpumaps=NULL

The latter is what was causing the error message you saw I believe. Can
you try the following patch

+1 (although, i think this is already upstream, sorry for the slow response).

I am seeing a new issue now. After calling virDomainSetSchedulerParameters() on a KVM guest, virDomainGetVcpus()

Oops, the virDomainSetSchedulerParameters() here was a typo.

Anyway, I tracked this issue down to a conflicting install of libvirt on the system. After removing all versions of libvirt and reinstalling, this is no longer any issue.

Kaitlin Rupert
IBM Linux Technology Center
kaitlin linux vnet ibm com

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