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[libvirt] Using libvirt from PHP

I am developing wimple web application in PHP to monitor and control VMs using libvirt. I hope it could become simple library for doing basic things with VMs. And I would like to ask for your opinion about different possibilities of calling libvirt.

Option 1) I am calling virsh via exec command now (one virsh for every libvirt command). This can be used for local libvirt but it is very inefficient. The overhead for remote libvirt would be unbearable. I could run one virsh per page and use it "interactively" so the overhead gets lower. Option 2) The other option is to create Zend extension which should be able to call libvirt directly from C. However I've never done anything like that so I do not know, whether it is reasonable or not. Option 3) I could also create some "wrapper daemon" in C or other language with libvirt binding. But I think that this is an ugly way :-) Option 4) I could "talk" directly to the libvirt socket. But I am not sure how the communication goes there and whether it is stable or changes with every version. And I consider the socket to be internal thing of libvirt...

Is there any other option I missed? And which one would you suggest?


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