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Re: [libvirt] KVM update

Zvi Dubitzky wrote:
I am trying to update the kvm driver and userspace using existing kernel
1) using the tar ball from kvm at sourceforge I can do it , but only kvm -84 is there 2) if i try the latest version from the git tree I am able to do the first 2 steps (make --kerneldir=<exisitng kernel headers> , make sync ) . but the final make fails during compile of libkvm.c. results in the file below (dated 3/29/09)
  Am I missing something  Should I recompile the whole  kerenl as a

Please try latest git tree or tgz snapshot of the nightly build.
The compilation should be fixed there.

3) Was the live migrate fixed and tested in the latest kernel version
No :(, this week we'll send patches to fix it.

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