How to update kvm in Fedora manually? (was: Re: [libvirt] USB pass-through only works after many disconnects at the beginning)

Felix Schwarz at
Mon May 4 06:02:41 UTC 2009

Guido Günther schrieb:
> On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 09:21:20PM +0200, Felix Schwarz wrote:
>> So how can I use USB pass through? Could this be Windows-related? Judging from
>> all the other threads (like [1]) it should be really easy to use.
> Yes, it usually is. I had problems with older KVM as well. Try updating
> to 84 or 85.

Ah, thanks.
Is there a kind of tutorial how to update kvm in Fedora manually? Is it as 
easy as recompiling the qemu package in F11 and installing the produced 
binaries? Or do I need to update my kernel (currently .27) as well?


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