[libvirt] pool default not starting on f10

Jason Guiditta jguiditt at redhat.com
Tue May 5 16:35:09 UTC 2009

Hello, hopefully this is something simple I just don't understand how to
debug, but right now, it is keeping me from creating any new VMs.  As
stated in the subject, I am running F10, on x86_64 arch.  Libvirt
version is 0.6.1-5.fc10.  Using virt-manager to create a new vm, when I
get to the step to create a disk image, I get the error:
'Storage parameter error. internal error storage pool is not active'.

virsh pool-start default

gets me:
error: Failed to start pool default
error: out of memory

Note there is no reason my machine would be out of memory, is has 6GB
and nothing else running (and tried this right after booting)

virsh pool-list --all

shows default is inactive and 'yes' for autostart

I would be happy to file a bug if needed, but thought I would throw this
out to the list first to see if I was just unaware of some simple fix.
Let me know if there are other details I can provide to make this easier
to solve. Thanks,


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