[libvirt] Virsh list on xen after stop/restart not working properly

Thomas Graves tgraves at yahoo-inc.com
Thu May 7 14:43:15 UTC 2009


I am seeing an issue on libvirt 0.6.1 and 0.6.3 with xen3.3.1 where virsh
list -all isn't reporting all vms that are active.  It happens after you
shutdown and then restart a vm.  As a side note, it works fine on libvirt

It appears that the domid of the vm is changed when you shutdown/restart a
vm on xen. Libvirt is checking xenstore to find domids and it is finding the
old ones that are marked as cancelled and not finding the higher number ones
that are active/valid.

Has anyone seen this issue and have a patch for it?

It looks like the old libvirt 0.3.3 went to the hypervisor and xend before
the xenstore and that is working properly.


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