[libvirt] [PATCH 0/2] Implement nodedev destroy API

David Allan dallan at redhat.com
Fri May 8 21:41:07 UTC 2009

Here is a patch that implements the node device destroy API call, as
well as the suggestions that Dan made in his feedback on the patch
implementing create.

The patch also makes it not necessary for the caller of the node
device create function to specify a name for the device and a host
number for the adapter in the XML.  The change to do so is kind of
kludgy, though, IMO, as it involved changing the function signature of
chain of internal function calls to differentiate a device that is
being created from an existing device.  I'm torn as to whether I think
that's a better solution than requiring the caller of the nodedev
create API to specify a name that will be ignored.  One benefit of
requiring the user to specify the name is that it is used in some
error messages, so I can argue it both ways.  Opinions very welcome.

I'd particularly like someone in the Solaris world to make sure that
the code builds as there is some #ifdef __linux__ in the patch.  I
tried to spin up Opensolaris to try it out but ran up against bug
6784591 and a lack of time.  I've also tried to make it relatively
easy for someone to add support for non-Linux OSes, so a patch there
would be appreciated.


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