[libvirt] Re: [PATCH v2 0/4] Improve QEMU process startup error

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon May 11 14:04:59 UTC 2009

Cole Robinson wrote:
> Error reporting for failed QEMU processes isn't too great at the moment.
> A couple cases I have hit:
> - Trying to start a VM with a cdrom pointing to a nonexistent file. The
> svirt hook function choked on this and indicated as much in the domain
> log, but I still had to wait for the pidfile timeout (10 seconds), and
> the only error reported was 'Domain did not show up'.
> - QEMU dies quickly at startup. Happened with the pulse audio issue, or
> if we build cli args incorrectly. The reporting here varies: if QEMU dies
> before writing out the pidfile, the above case applies. If the pidfile is
> written, we timeout in ReadLogOutput, and it's hit or miss whether we even
> report the logfile output to the user.
> The following patches improve the above cases by ensuring we never have to
> wait for a timeout, and that the logfile output is always reported in the
> error message.
> Changes since v1:
> Drop patch 1 + 2 (applied separately)
> Patch 7 is pretty isolated, so was resent to list separately.
> Don't waitpid in virExecDaemonize if virExec fails.
> Remove needless pidfile loop in qemudStartVMDaemon.

I've committed this series, with the adjustment Dan recommended for patch 1.


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