[libvirt] is qemu really needed for make rpm or is kvm sufficient?

Gerrit Slomma roadrunner_gs at web.de
Fri May 15 07:56:11 UTC 2009


I am curious if qemu is really needed to do "make rpm".
As far as i have seen only the src.rpm has this dependency but neither 
of the install-rpms.
What is this needed for in the src.rpm-package that do lack the 
I haven't installed qemu on my hosts, only kvm and everything works 
fine, even live-migration works now without the extra qemu installed on 
the host i build the libvirt. But now "make rpm" fails due to the 
dependency for qemu.
Couldn't either:
A) the qemu-requirement be patched out of the requirements for the 
src.rpm (if possible) or
B) the kvm-package has qemu and qemu-img added as "provides" (okay - 
this would be another mailing list)


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