[libvirt] patch for virsh list

Gerrit Slomma roadrunner_gs at web.de
Sat May 16 09:36:40 UTC 2009

Daniel P. Berrange schrieb:
> If you want a virt-manager like display of VMs, 'virt-top' is the tool
> to use 
>   http://et.redhat.com/~rjones/virt-top/
> Regards,
> Daniel

Okay that gives the "xm top" but needs another tool to be installed.
Since it comes from epel one could install it though.
I gather extended info in virsh list is not wanted upstream then? I 
would find it handy when being in virsh to issue a "list" and find the 
commited memory, cpus of running VMs before firing up an additional VM. 
This is a little help to prevent overcommiting on a host and no-one 
could say he wasn't warned.


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