[libvirt] kvm migration

Łukasz Mierzwa l.mierzwa at gmail.com
Tue May 19 19:29:15 UTC 2009


can someone explain me how migration works in libvirt? I got 2 machines with 
ubuntu 9.04 (libvirt 0.6.1 and kvm 84), disk images are stored on nfs share so 
both machines can access them. When I run live migration (virsh migrate --live 
domain uri) my domain is migrated to second host but:
1. domain is defined on both hosts after migration, it does not disappear from 
original host
2. when I shutdown this domain on second host it gets undefined
so I guess that migration is only temporary but this is not what I want. When 
I migrate domain to other host I want it to stay there, how can I do that?
I can't find anything about it in documentation on libvirt website, google does 
not seem to know anything either.

Łukasz Mierzwa  

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