[libvirt] kvm migration

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Wed May 20 08:48:17 UTC 2009

Łukasz Mierzwa wrote:
>     > So if I want my guest to be undefined from the source host and
>     stay on target
>     > host I need to define him on target host before migration? Some
>     info in 'virsh
>     > help migrate' would be nice, and maybe '--persistent' option to
>     auto-define it
>     > on target before migration.
>     > Thanks for help.
>     Yeah, the persistent flag idea is a good one.  I think people would
>     find that
>     useful, and it's fairly easy to implement.  I'll give it a shot.
> When I try to migrate do destination host with domain defined on both,
> source and target, virsh just hangs on destination, migration does not
> finish and I can't connect anymore to libvirt on destination, I needed
> to SIGKILL it, SIGTERM did not stop it. It's 0.6.1 on ubuntu 9.04. Tried
> several times and it always hang.

Hm, I seem to remember that there were some locking and event dispatch bugs in
0.6.1 that might be causing your issues.  For what it's worth, I just tried it
here on libvirt git tip, and it seems to work fine.

Chris Lalancette

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