[libvirt] Re: BUG REPORT: -net tap, fd=X does not work correctly in kvm-86

Anthony Liguori anthony at codemonkey.ws
Sat May 23 02:12:55 UTC 2009

Josh Wilsdon wrote:
> We are doing work with libvirt 0.6.3 through which we have started
> virtual machines.  Using the same "create" command with the same
> storage, the same everything else this configuration works with both
> kvm-84 and kvm-85.  When I built a fresh version of kvm-86 this
> stopped working with an error:
> qemu: invalid parameter '15' in 'fd=15,script=,vlan=0,ifname=vnet0'

It's a libvirt bug.  script and ifname have never been valid parameters 
for -net tap.  Historically, -net has ignored unknown options but 
recently, it now throws an error when encountering an unsupported option.


Anthony Liguori

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