[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.6.4

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Fri May 29 17:18:05 UTC 2009

  The monthly release is out !

There is a number of new things in that release, but as happens in
time-based releases some are not fully complete, for example the
OpenNebula driver was added but it still need a bit of work on the
detection code and a bit of cleanup to avoid a GPL/AFS licencing
issue, so please don't enable it except for test builds. We also
have a new set of Interface config APIs but they are not yet
implemented by a driver and the XML import/export routines are not
there yet. Still there is a lot of things to use and discover in this
release as you can see below:

* New features:
 - new API virStorageVolCreateXMLFrom (Cole Robinson)
 - full VBox graphic capabilities (Pritesh Kothari)
 - Interface config APIs (Laine Stump)
 - APIs for domain XML conversions (Daniel Berrange)
 - initial version of OpenNebula driver (Abel Miguez Rodriguez)
* Portability:
 - better compiler warning selection (Daniel Berrange)
 - Win32 portability fixes (Daniel Berrange)
* Documentation:
 - documentation for <sound> device XML format (Cole Robinson)
 - storage format documentation fixes (Ryota Ozaki)
 - docs for XML conversion APIs (Daniel Berrange)
 - inconsistencies in storage volume docs and schemas (Ryota Ozaki)
* Bug fixes:
 - fix hostdev managed handling (Mark McLoughlin)
 - lxc_controller should not cash without args (Guido Gunther)
 - bug fixes in I/O routines (Guido Gunther)
 - fix migrationsave/restore for QEmu 0.10.0 (Daniel Berrange)
 - avoid crash on VBox init (Guido Gunther)
 - fix dev and cgroup init in LXC (Ryota Ozaki)
 - QEmu startup fix (Cole Robinson)
 - block node reboots from LXCs (Ryota Ozaki)
 - QEmu argv detection fix for recent kvm (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix watch/timer event deletion (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix XML escaping bug
 - various locking bugs (Daniel Berrange)
 - avoid a deadlock in HAL nodedev driver (Cole Robinson)
 - detection of node device media insert/eject (Cole Robinson)
 - broken networking with new QEMU/KVM >= 86 (Daniel Berrange)
 - various fixes in domain and network startup error report (Cole
 - double free on unexpected client disconnect (Daniel Berrange)
* Improvements:
 - cleanups and doc on virExec (Cole Robinson)
 - error reporting in QEmu migrations (Cole Robinson)
 - better path and driver detection in VBox (Pritesh Kothari)
 - avoid caching QEMU driver capabilities(Cole Robinson)
 - multiple graphics elements definitions (Pritesh Kothari)
 - LSB init header init.d improvements (Frederik Himpe)
 - special erro code for invalid operations (Daniel Berrange)
 - dlopen error logging (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix UUID and name uniqueness (Daniel Berrange)
 - improvement on VBox initialization (Pritesh Kothari and Dan Berrange)
 - "Host only" and "Internal" network in VBox (Pritesh Kothari)
 - add utility virExecDaemonize (Cole Robinson)
 - enable bridges without IP (Ludwig Nussel)
 - 'make -s' silencing (Daniel Berrange)
 - test case for exercising the event loop (Daniel Berrange)
 - virsh commands vol-clone and vol-create-from (Cole Robinson)
 - new xend don't use [] around cpumaps (Tatsuro Enokura)
 - add the CIL mutex lock checker (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix some LXC error code (Amy Griffis)
 - virInterface python bindings (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix to the example code for event handling (Pritesh Kothari)
 - always add location informations to logging (Daniel Berrange)
 - python domain events example and binding (Daniel Berrange)
 - PPC Qemu Machine Type update (Thomas Baker)
* Cleanups:
 - strings bug in virsh (Daniel Berrange)
 - various cleanups in storage code (Cole Robinson)
 - rpm spec cleanups
 - destructors data cleanups (Laine Stump)
 - some QEmu code refactoring (Daniel Berrange)
 - avoid dependancy on libcap (Daniel Berrange)
 - python import cleanup (Cole Robinson)
 - virAsprintf based cleanups in storage code (Cole Robinson)
 - fix some direct stderr logging
 - OpenNebula driver cleanups (Daniel Berrange)

  Thanks everybody for the contributions for this new release !


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