[libvirt] [PATCH 00/15] Rewrite the QEMU monitor handling v2

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Wed Nov 4 12:21:23 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 11:52:00AM +0100, Nikola Ciprich wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> I'm running cluster of libvirt-managed KVM's, and I'm having quite a lot
> of problems with libvirt concurrent access. It seems that this batch of
> patches might fix some of those, right? Should I test them or wait till
> next release before digging further into it and reporting?

  In general the earlier the better. But basically if we're
commiting as much as possible by Friday and then enter a one week
freeze then it may be a simpler to wait until this is applied
and test either from git or from a snapshot starting this w.e.
  But in general don't hesitate to test early !


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