[libvirt] stat() vs. access()

Maximilian Wilhelm max at rfc2324.org
Sat Nov 7 23:52:35 UTC 2009


While discussing some code with Matthias, we stumbled across many occurances
of stat() calls within the libVirt code (virFileExists() for example) which
could be implemented in a cheaper way when using access() instead of stat(),
when the only purpose is to check for the existance of a file.

The one thing I'm concerned about, is the question if access() does the right
thing in all situations. As the manpages didn't tell anything about
directories it might be worth to clarify this in advance.

A simple practical test showed that
  access ("/path/to/dir", F_OK)
seems to work as expected.

Any comments on these (optimization) thoughs?

Matthias and Max
Gib Dein Bestes. Dann übertriff Dich selbst!

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