[libvirt] Possibly deadlock with tunnelled migration

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Wed Nov 11 02:05:46 UTC 2009

Hi Chris (and list),

Playing with TUNNELLED migration, I'm hitting an issue. Take this example:

VM URI   = qemu+ssh://phys1/system
destconn = qemu:///system

invoking virDomainMigrate with a VM from the former URI, and destconn as the
latter, we will deadlock. The qemu driver would be reopening it's local
qemu:///system, and eventually lock up. We should probably add some sanity
checking for the URI we plan to open.

Aside from that, anyone have recommendations on the best way to handle the
above situation? I'm currently improving the migration support in
virt-manager, and if the TUNNELLED API requires opening a URI, it makes the
remote-to-local migration case a bit annoying, because we would have to
require the user to provide a remote accessible URI for the local system.


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