[libvirt] Segmentation fault when shutting down VMs

Thomas Treutner thomas at scripty.at
Fri Nov 13 12:54:37 UTC 2009

On Friday 13 November 2009 12:46:24 Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with the first problem

Uhm, it's getting stranger. When trying to do:

# export LIBVIRT_DEBUG=1
# strace -o libvirt.log -s 1000 -ff   libvirtd -l -v

strace crashes with:

*** glibc detected *** strace: malloc(): memory corruption (fast): 
0x0000000000af75b0 ***

during startup, although /usr/local/var/run/libvirt/qemu/ is wiped out and no 
stale pids or kvms running.


strace's logs until crash:

Time for doing a memtest?


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