[libvirt] How to keep VM definitions in sync across hosts?

Thomas Treutner thomas at scripty.at
Sat Nov 14 09:11:57 UTC 2009


is there any best-practice how to keep VM definitions in sync across a couple 
of hosts? Is it reasonable to put /etc/libvirt/qemu/ on a NFS share? Or are 
there better ways? How does oVirt solve that?

I'm asking because I'm currently setting up a four node "cluster" with KVM and 
libvirt. Previously, with Xen, I used libvirt only for changing currently 
running VMs (setmem, migrate etc.), but with KVM, I'd like to use libvirt the 
way it is intented to ;-)

So I assume that VM definitions are required to be available and in sync among 
all nodes for doing live migration. I don't want to rsync them or wrap the 
virsh URI edit inside a for-loop, as I assume there are better ways? I'd like 
to do virsh URI edit once and have the changes propagated automagically.


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