[libvirt] migration: qemu vs. qemu+tcp at virsh vs. libvirt-java

Thomas Treutner thomas at scripty.at
Mon Nov 16 05:33:29 UTC 2009


I'm having a little problem when triggering (live) migration from libvirt-java 
(libvirt.so at client is approx. 0.7.1), I get an error that the qemu:// 
driver for migration URIs is not supported, only qemu+tcp:// 

Strange thing is, with virsh at the same client (same libvirt.so), qemu:// 
works. Interestingly, the error message seems to come from libvirt.so and not 

I'd like to avoid maintaining two different URIs/drivers for normal 
connections and migration destinations, especially as it works flawlessly 
(and fast!) with virsh?

Has anyone clues where this twisted-mind behaviour could come from?


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