[libvirt] migration: qemu vs. qemu+tcp at virsh vs. libvirt-java

Thomas Treutner thomas at scripty.at
Tue Nov 17 10:36:59 UTC 2009

On Monday 16 November 2009 14:42:16 you wrote:
> On 11/16/2009 12:33 AM, Thomas Treutner wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm having a little problem when triggering (live) migration from
> > libvirt-java (libvirt.so at client is approx. 0.7.1), I get an error that
> > the qemu:// driver for migration URIs is not supported, only qemu+tcp://
> >
> > Strange thing is, with virsh at the same client (same libvirt.so),
> > qemu:// works. Interestingly, the error message seems to come from
> > libvirt.so and not libvirt-java.
> >
> > I'd like to avoid maintaining two different URIs/drivers for normal
> > connections and migration destinations, especially as it works flawlessly
> > (and fast!) with virsh?
> >
> > Has anyone clues where this twisted-mind behaviour could come from?
> What is the full argument list you are passing to the migrate function?
> You should only see that 'tcp' error if you are passing an explicit URI,
> which isn't required for standard migration.

domain.migrate(dst, 1, null, dstIP, 0);

where dst is a Connect object created with qemu://nodeX/system - I'm also 
passing a destination IP, could that be the problem? I used this code with 
Xen before. I have two ethXs, one for iSCSI, libvirt, .. and one for br0. 
dstIP is the same IP dst points to, but if it's possible, I'd like to let it 
be configurable that way.

Ah, javadoc says I'm using an URI ;) I'll try your suggestions ASAP.



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