[libvirt] vCenter behaviour

Glenn Bailey gbailey at terremark.com
Tue Nov 17 13:56:19 UTC 2009

> > Which would then let me connect directly to the vCenter server and
> list all the vm's on it. Am I missing something? I'm new to libvirt,
> but all management of a ESX cluster is always done through vCenter, and
> not the host. Sorry if this message is redundant as I didn't see
> anything blaring in the archives ;-)
> >
> > glenn
> > terremark
> >
> Well, the ESX driver was not designed to work that way. The current
> design assumes virtual machines run on ESX hosts and a vCenter is some
> higher management instance that is necessary for migration. But from
> an API point-of-view a vCenter is like an ESX host, a compute resource
> with virtual machines attached to it. So there is basically no problem
> in handling a vCenter like a single ESX server. It'll need some tweaks
> in the ESX driver, but most of its functions should work without
> changes. I would like to introduce a vpx:// scheme beside esx:// and
> gsx:// to refer to a vCenter.
> I'll take care of this after I've finished some other pending patches
> for the ESX driver.
> Adding support for this doesn't seem to be very complicated, so stay
> tuned :-)

After reading through the design philosophy of libvirt I came to the realization that it's used on a host based level, not a management server level (or at least that's what I got out of it, heh) so I figured this may be out of scope after posting. 

Correct, talking directly to vCenter should be no different than talking to an ESX host as the API is the same. Like I said, a quick hack to allow the driver to talk directly to vCenter worked, although a few errors were spout out ;-) 

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