[libvirt] virt-manager and messages in /var/log/messages

Chandru chandru at in.ibm.com
Thu Nov 19 12:52:02 UTC 2009

Apologies if this has been already discussed.
While using virt-manager to create a vm-guest we see the following errors being logged in /var/log/messages.

libvirtd: 22:40:57.675: error : Domain not found: no domain with matching name 'guest1' 
libvirtd: 22:42:22.039: error : invalid storage volume pointer in no storage vol with matching path 
libvirtd: 22:44:55.530: error : Domain not found: no domain with matching uuid

While these errors are indeed harmless and we are able to create and use a vm-guest, why log them as error messages. Could we convert them into informational messages. Though they could mean errors in other scenarios, but could we tweak or change them in a way that they could be logged in as informational messages and not as error messages.  A end user would not know what to do with them. 


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