[libvirt] iface-list command in virsh

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Is there a way to give root privileges to the process via setcap ?

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On 04/19/2010 04:06 PM, Dev.Atom wrote: 

  I'm trying to list physical interface of a remote tcp host via the C API and it fails. I have tried to use virsh iface-list in remote TCP connection and it fails also. I have trying on the libvirt host with my normal account and it fails also, but when I connect under root account on the libvirt host, iface-list works. Any clue ?

When you run virsh locally as non-root, it connects to qemu://session, which doesn't have root privileges, and the iface-* commands won't work (because netcf requires root to run). If you run virsh as root, you will be connected to qemu://system, which has root, and iface-* will work.

The failure to work when connecting to a remote libvirtd is puzzling, though. 

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