[libvirt] New VM Snapshot API Not working

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Wed Apr 21 14:05:52 UTC 2010

On 04/21/2010 07:34 AM, Tej Parkash, ERS, HCLTech wrote:
> All, 
> Ok, I got it working.....
> Problem was that I didnt include xen option for configure step.
> But looks like Xen Hypervisor does not have support of Snapshot.  :(
> I guess I have to fall back to save and restore method...

Ah, I see that you figured out the problem.  OK.  There is still a
bug in that you should not have seen the "remote marshalling" error;
we'll have to track that down.  And as you found out, we don't have
support for snapshots in the Xen hypervisor driver.  If Xen itself
supports snapshots (does it?), then patches to implement this are

Chris Lalancette

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