[libvirt] new NULL-dereference in qemu_driver.c

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Tue Apr 27 16:45:16 UTC 2010

I ran clang on the very latest and it spotted this problem:
>From qemu_driver.c, around line 11100,

    else {
        /* qemu is a little funny with running guests and the restoration
         * of snapshots.  If the snapshot was taken online,
         * then after a "loadvm" monitor command, the VM is set running
         * again.  If the snapshot was taken offline, then after a "loadvm"
         * monitor command the VM is left paused.  Unpausing it leads to
         * the memory state *before* the loadvm with the disk *after* the
         * loadvm, which obviously is bound to corrupt something.
         * Therefore we destroy the domain and set it to "off" in this case.

        if (virDomainObjIsActive(vm)) {
            qemudShutdownVMDaemon(driver, vm);
            event = virDomainEventNewFromObj(vm,
            if (!vm->persistent) {
                if (qemuDomainObjEndJob(vm) > 0)
                    virDomainRemoveInactive(&driver->domains, vm);
                vm = NULL;

        if (qemuDomainSnapshotSetActive(vm, driver->snapshotDir) < 0)
            goto endjob;

    vm->state = snap->def->state;

    ret = 0;

    if (vm && qemuDomainObjEndJob(vm) == 0)
        vm = NULL;

Note how "vm" is set to NULL.
Then, it can be dereferenced both via qemuDomainSnapshotSetActive
and via the vm->state = ... assignment.

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