[libvirt] [v2 0/3] Fixes related to the IP address learning thread

Stefan Berger stefanb at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 30 01:09:05 UTC 2010

The following set of patches are primarily related to the
thread learning the IP address of a VM and deal with:

- ebtables cleanup before applying basic filtering rules that are
  active while the IP address is detected
- shutting down all traffic in case the filtering rules could not
  be applied by the thread
- serialization of the teardown of eb/ip/ip6tables rules to occurr
  after the IP address learning thread has terminated
- not to apply or tear any eb/ip/ip6tables rules of a VM's interface 
  while the IP address learning thread is active. This may be due
  to a filter being updated concurrently using for exampe 
  'virsh define/edit'.


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