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Re: [libvirt] Release schedule ... 0.8.0 coming

libvir-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 04/05/2010 12:48:14 PM:

> Please respond to veillard

>   Okay, since the snapshot API is in I suggest to start the freeze
> toward the 0.8.0 release. There is still 3 things I think we should
> look at and allow:
>   1/ the very large cleanup patch set from Matthias, as this should not
>      break anything (isn't it :-)
>   2/ the nwfilter IP detection code, it still need a review, I didn't
>      do it, libpcap intimidates me a bit, but I think I can be
>      convinced.

The current code would allow for
- explicit IP address declaration by a user for filters requiring the variable 'IP' (*)
- detection of the IP address using observation of any kind of traffic. (**)

In the future we should extend this to allow users to choose also
- DHCP with addresses given from 'any' server
- DHCP with addresses given from a specific trusted DHCP server where the user somehow needs to provide the DHCP server address

Somehow the user should be able to choose what the method should be, also considering
the setup of the VM that may either use static IP configuration or DHCP. With these
latter 2 choices added, the user definitely will have to make some conscious decisions
and if switching inside the VM from DHCP to static, would have to adapt the method
for the next start.

VM restore operations are a bit of an issue that I am not sure how to handle, but would
want to fall back to (**) for determining the IP address. Any other method that
you can think of ? We could *maybe* store the IP address in the domain XML, but it
would have to be differentiateable from an IP address that the user originally provided
as in (*) above.



>   3/ an ESX snapshot support if Matthias (or someone else !) manage to
>      write one in the next days
> 2/ and 3/ sound fairly contained and about a new functionalitry in this
> release so the risk of breaking an existing feature is very limited.
>   So hopefully we can ship 0.8.0 by the end of the week-end, now we need
> testing testing testing :-)
>   Thanks !
> Daniel
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