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[libvirt] [PATCHv2 00/13] IPv6 support for virtual networks using bridge driver

This is a resend of


incorporating changes due to comments from Eric Blake and Paweł Krześniak.

changes from v1 to v2 are noted in each individual mail

Most of this patchset is setup for patch 09/13, which updates the
network XML parser to support IPv6, and 12/13, which turns on IPv6 in
the bridge driver.

In order to have each patch individually pass make check and
(otherwise function properly in case someone is doing a bisect), there
is a bit of extra code churn (lines that are changed in one patch,
only to be changed again in a later patch); I tried to minimize this
as much as possible.

For for IPv6 to work correctly, target *and build* systems will
now need to have ip6tables and radvd available. The way I added
ip6tables into autoconfigure.ac is identical to existing iptables, and
the way I added radvd is identical to dnsmasq. Unfortunately this
doesn't communicate the requirement downstream in a programmatic
fashion, so I guess we need to make sure that this is adequately
reported in the next set of release notes.

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