[libvirt] 0.7.5 errors in configure script

Frédéric Grelot fredericg_99 at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 18 15:32:15 UTC 2010

> checking for dm_task_run in -ldevmapper... no
> configure: error: You must install device-mapper-devel/libdevmapper
> >=
> 1.0.0 to compile libvirt
> /dev/mapper exists on the system.

You need the *-devel version of those packages (they provide include files in particular).
I think it is something like libdevmapper-devel.
Note that the "dev" stands for "device", while the "devel" stands for "development files".

You may get few other errors like this one, don't forget to install *-devel versions of the packages that they complain about.


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