[libvirt] [PATCH] qemu_driver: don't leak a virDomainDeviceDef buffer

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Mon Jan 18 17:28:31 UTC 2010

Matthias Bolte wrote:
> 2010/1/18 Jim Meyering <jim at meyering.net>:
>> At first I was going to call virDomainDeviceDefFree only "if (dev)",
>> but saw that it handles a NULL "dev" just fine, so it's better to skip
>> the test altogether, just as we do for many other free-like functions.
>> >From ea8511d709492f5cdc152a1eaccbccd05f036648 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
>> From: Jim Meyering <meyering at redhat.com>
>> Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 16:55:36 +0100
>> Subject: [PATCH] qemu_driver: don't leak a virDomainDeviceDef buffer
>> * src/qemu/qemu_driver.c (qemudDomainAttachDevice): Don't leak "dev".

> NACK. This will probably result in a segfault because you are freeing
> memory that is still in use.
> Yes the toplevel dev leaks here, but for example
> qemudDomainAttachNetDevice some lines above takes parts from the dev
> struct an assigns them to other structs _without_ copying them.

That is nastily unintuitive and sounds a lot like a bug.
I hope it's on the list of things to be fixed by Dan's patch.

> I found this leak some time ago too, but gave up on fixing it as I
> noticed how entangled this code is.

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