[libvirt] [PATCH 0/1] A couple of problems with the daemon-conf test

David Allan dallan at redhat.com
Mon Jan 25 19:46:37 UTC 2010

Here's a patch fixing two problems I found with the daemon-conf test that prevented the test from passing if the system libvirt was running on my system.

The first change only affects the direct running of the daemon-conf script, i.e, if someone executes ./daemon-conf, which will always exit failure because the default config file contains a line that the test believes should not be there.  The invocation by make-check supplies a different config file that's not subject to that problem.

The second problem is that the corrupt config tests don't supply the pid-file argument to libvirt, so on my system it was attempting to use the same pidfile as the running system daemon and failing all the tests except the valid config test.  Supplying the --pid-file argument when running the corrupt config tests as it is supplied for the valid config tests fixes the problem.


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