[libvirt] Libvirt/LXC creation example

Avi Weit WEIT at il.ibm.com
Thu Jan 28 13:20:36 UTC 2010


I am looking for a simple example for creating a Linux container (LXC) with
a network connection that can be accessed from the outside world. I first
tried to set up a bridge and link it with the interface eth0 configured on
host via: brctl addif virbr0 eth0 but each time I did that - I lost the
connection to the host and could not even ping it. The connection was
resumed only when removing the host interface of eth0 from the bridge:
brctl delif virbr0 eth0

How can I define the network interfaces to be configured inside the
container? How can I setup container IPs?

Any full XML example would be appreciated.

- Avi

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