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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/34] Add device addressing and disk controller support

This series is a merge of two previous series I posted


It accomplishes quite a lot of things, having major impact on the QEMU
driver, hopefully all in a postive way :-)

In particular it does

 * Add standard XML syntax for addressing of PCI devices, and disk drives
 * Add support for disk controllers as a managed device in XML
 * Add support for disk controller hotplug/unplug
 * Convert everything over to use QEMU's -device flag where available
 * Add PCI addressing when using -device
 * Introduce a way to give every device a unique 'alias' name in
   the XML format

I can't promise it works perfectly, but i've done quite alot of positive
testing with it now & believe all the back comptability stuff is working

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