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[libvirt] Libvirt guide draft published on libvirt.org

I am a tech writer who recently joined the Red Hat team. I have been tasked with assisting in the improvement of libvirt documentation where possible and co-ordinating the development of the libvirt Application Development Guide. The guide was previously in the hands of Dani Coulson, who has since left Red Hat. She got it to a draft stage with a skeletal structure, but as far as I can tell nothing ever reached a publishable state. I've picked up where she left off and re-built the latest guide from the DocBook XML in git. It is now up at:


If you look in the guide, you will notice an awful lot of "TBD" stubs. Contributions to fill these would be greatly appreciated - please email them to me directly. I will chase up with the people who were originally nominated as the responsible parties to try and get some content to flesh out the guide.

I don't have a lot of spare temporal bandwidth at the moment, but if there are any docs-related BZs or libvirt issues, feel free to push them my way and i'll do what I can. I think i've made every mistake possible so far in submitting patches, so I know the process by virtue of what-not-to-do.


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