[libvirt] [PATCH v2 REPOST 0/8]: Add arbitrary qemu command-line and monitor commands

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Thu Jul 1 20:59:49 UTC 2010

As we discussed previously, here is the patch series to add the ability
to specify arbitrary qemu command-line parameters and environment variables,
and also give arbitrary monitor commands to a guest.  Because these
extra arguments have a good shot at confusing libvirt, the use of them
is not supported, but left available for advanced users and developers.
They are also in a separate library and have a separate on-the-wire

There is one bug left that I have not yet been able to fix.  Because of the
complicated way that virsh parses command-line arguments, it is not possible
to pass through spaces and quotes when using the qemu-monitor-command.
Unfortunately, the qemu monitor commands (and in particular when using QMP)
depend heavily on quoting and spacing, so using virsh to send through
command-lines is difficult.  I'll have to think about how to better resolve
this issue, but it should not hold up the rest of the series.

I will point out one particular patch that could use some careful review,
namely PATCH 6/8.  In there, I change the remote_message_hdr to use an
unsigned proc instead of a remote_procedure proc.  Now, as far as I can tell
the two sizes should be the same, so the wire protocol should be the same.
Indeed, testing seems to show that older virsh can talk just fine to a libvirtd
with this patch applied.  However, the regenerated remote_protocol.c file for
parsing remote_message_header has some strange bits in it that I don't quite
understand.  I'm hoping someone else can look at it and confirm that it is OK.

Thanks to Dan Berrange and Eric Blake for their reviews already, and to DV
for the Relax NG schema changes.

Changes since v1 are listed in the individual patches.

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