[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: ruby-libvirt bindings 0.2.0

Jaromír Červenka cervajz at cervajz.com
Fri Jul 2 12:26:16 UTC 2010

Is't a good news, thank you Chris for this. I'll let you know, because I
currently develop a project based on ruby-libvirt.


2010/7/1 Chris Lalancette <clalance at redhat.com>

> Hello all,
>     I'm pleased to announce the release of 0.2.0 of the ruby-libvirt
> bindings.
> This release has a number of new features:
> - Updated Storage class, implementing pool.active?, pool.persistent?,
>  pool.vol_create_xml_from
> - Updated Connect class, implementing conn.node_free_memory,
>  conn.node_cells_free_memory, conn.node_get_security_model,
> conn.encrypted?,
>  conn.libversion, and conn.secure?
> - Updated Network class, implementing network.active? and
> network.persistent?
> - Update Domain class, implementing conn.domain_xml_from_native,
>  conn.domain_xml_to_native, dom.migrate_to_uri,
> dom.migrate_set_max_downtime,
>  dom.managed_save, dom.has_managed_save?, dom.managed_save_remove,
>  dom.security_label, dom.block_stats, dom.memory_stats, dom.blockinfo,
>  dom.block_peek, dom.memory_peek, dom.active?, dom.persistent?,
>  dom.snapshot_create_xml, dom.num_of_snapshots, dom.list_snapshots,
>  dom.lookup_snapshot_by_name, dom.has_current_snapshot?,
>  dom.revert_to_snapshot, dom.current_snapshot, snapshot.xml_desc,
>  snapshot.delete, dom.job_info, and dom.abort_job
> - Implementation of the NodeDevice class
> - Implementation of the Secret class
> - Implementation of the NWFilter class
> - Implementation of the Interface class
> - Conversion of the development tree to git
> - New maintainer (me).  David Lutterkort has agreed to transfer
> maintainership
>  of the bindings over to me, since he is not actively involved in their
>  development anymore.
> With the above list, almost all of the APIs up to and including libvirt
> 0.8.1
> are covered.  There are a few that I have not yet had time to implement;
> you
> can look at the list of FIXMEs in the source code to find them.
> I've uploaded new tarballs and source RPMs to:
> http://libvirt.org/ruby/download/
> The new git repo is here:
> http://libvirt.org/git/?p=ruby-libvirt.git;a=summary
> The documentation for the new API's are here:
> http://libvirt.org/ruby/api/index.html
> If you have time, and are interested in the bindings, please give these new
> ones a whirl and let me know if they work for you.  As usual, if you have
> any questions, problems, patches, or bug reports, feel free to email the
> libvirt development list (and CC me) so that I can take a look at them.
> --
> Chris Lalancette
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