[libvirt] (how much) support for kqemu domain

John Lumby johnlumby at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 14 15:11:48 UTC 2010

I am wondering about the extent to which "old" qemu-0.11.1 and kqemu-1.4.0 are supported by virt-manager.

I see I can specify  --virt-type=kqemu on virt-install and it remembers domain type='kqemu',  and does things such as refusing to start  the vm if the kqemu kernel mod not loaded,  but it seems it does not tack on the 
     -enable-kqemu -kernel-kqemu
options on to the qemu command line.     There is really not much point in trying to start a qemu-based vm with neither hardware kvm nor kqemu ...

I can work around it with an override script to intercept the qemu command,   but does anyone think virt-manager ought to do this for me?

John Lumby

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