[libvirt] ruby-libvirt issue

Jaromír Červenka cervajz at cervajz.com
Sat Jul 17 19:30:29 UTC 2010

Good evening,

could anybody explain me this, please?

divinus:~ # virsh
error: cannot recv data: : Connection reset by peer
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
divinus:~ #

I am trying to imlement Chris's ruby-libvirt to my Ruby on Rails
application. First few connection to libvirt daemon (thru ruby-libvirt API)
from my app are ok, but then somethings happend and it's not possible to
connect anymore until I restart libvirt daemon manually by init.d script or
until I restart apache (or WEBrick). And it's not possible connect to virsh
from shell also! See messages above.

When I try ruby-libvirt from bare Ruby script, everythig is fine - doesn't
matter how many times I connect. It's strange.

Does anybody have experience with ruby-libvirt in RoR application?

Thank you.

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