[libvirt] VMware Workstation/Player support

Jean-Baptiste Rouault jean-baptiste.rouault at diateam.net
Tue Jul 27 13:20:42 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm working on the hynesim project (http://www.hynesim.org
We are going to add VMware Workstation support to hynesim,
so we would like to contribute to the development of a libvirt driver.

There probably are multiple ways of doing this, one of them could
be to use the VIX C API provided by VMware :
However, the VIX license seems to be quite restrictive :
I'm not a license expert so I don't know if this license forbids
using the API in software like libvirt.

Another possibility could be to run VMware command line tools
from libvirt to control guests.

As Daniel P. Berrange stated on IRC yesterday, the vmx <-> XML
conversion code can be reused from the ESX driver.

I'd like to have your opinion about the "best" to implement this
VMware Workstation driver.


Jean-Baptiste Rouault

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