[libvirt] OpenBSD crash after "shutdown vm"

Armando arma at lamortenera.it
Sat Jul 31 23:30:34 UTC 2010

 Good evening all,

firstly I'd like to thank you for your wonderful job: it works nicely
and simplifies a lot my life :)

after saying that, I'd like to expose you a "bug" (not sure if I can
call it this way):

1. scenario:
as host I've configured a Ubuntu 10.04 with KVM + libvirt + LVM; I have
also configured 4 virtual machines, three of wich are OpenBSDs and the
other one is Linux (Fedora 13).

2. issue:
when I issue a shutdown to a OpenBSD guest using "virsh shutdown vm"
what happens is that the guest machine crashes. To be more precise it
seems a kernel panic becuase the vnc session through KVM still works as
the machine is running but every digit I issue does not appear on the
server shell. Also the ssh sessions die;
After having a chat in the #libvirt channel I tried doing this both with
acpibtn enabled (on OpenBSD is the default behaviour) and also with
acpibtn disabled (using the command "boot -c" and then "disable acpi" at
boot time in the OpenBSD server). In both cases the server crashes

At this point I have found an alternative way to automatically shut down
the machine (using ssh) but it would be nice to understand way this
happens. Is this a well-known issue? Is there a way to deeply debug it?

Thanks a lot!

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