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[libvirt] The (delayed) 0.8.2 release

  Clearly I failed to meet the deadline I suggested 2 weeks ago
for the release of 0.8.2, there have been a awful lot of patches
sent for review since then, I had other stuff to chase and didn't
managed to keep uptodate with the flow of mail patches and reviews.

  But hopefully this should be a bit better now, we really need this
release soon, too much stuff has accumulated in git, so I'm suggesting
to try to release end of next week, but keep the gate for patches
open up to Tuesday as most people in the US are likely to be out
either today or on the 5th.

  One thing we should try to get is to provide the qemu command-line and
monitor commands hacking/debug APIs to ease the work of the QEmu
developpers and early features adopters. Thanks to Erik for providing
another batch of reviews, the key point being IMHO the
include/libvirt/libvirt-qemu.h file since that's where that API will


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