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[libvirt] ESXi support

Hello everyone

I am really new to libvirt and I have to use it with ESXi. I was writing code for listing the virtual machines in a ESXi server. If I connect me with the virsh to the ESXi server, it works. But since I can not create any certificates on the server (ESXi does not have any console...) I have to use the no_verify option (esx://host/?no_verify=1)
I want to do the same with the API, but when I use this string in the uri parameter of the following code
conn = virConnectOpenAuth(uri, virConnectAuthPtrDefault, 0);

the system returns "libvir: Remote error : Cannot access CA certificate '/etc/pki/CA/cacert.pem': No such file or directory
No connection to hypervisor"

What method can I use to be able to connect to the server by ignoring the missing certificate? Another question is: Are there any example codes for using ESX(i), because as I said I am really new with libvirt and I did not find any examples.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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