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Re: [libvirt] ESXi support

2010/7/5 adrian wyssen <wyssenadrian gmail com>:
> Hi Matthias,
> Thanks for your excellent explanation. It works now with the hellolibvirt
> example. I still have a problem. It don't want to be forced to enter a
> password. So I tried to set the URI
> to esx://user:pass ESX_host/?no_verify=1. But that does not work. It anyway
> asks for password. Providing the user in the URI works, but not the
> password. I know that this is not secure at all passing the password in the
> URI, but the script has to be able to run automatically. Is there another
> way to provide username and password, for example by
> using virConnectOpenAuth() not with the virConnectAuthPtrDefault but with an
> array containing the username and password already?
> Remember, I can not exchange public key or something, since I use ESXi 4.0.
> Thank you so much for your help.
> Adrian

Passing the password in the URI is not supported for security reasons.
The URI is not considered to be private information. So there is
currently no way to automate this for virsh.

But if you write you own program using libvirt you can use
virConnectOpenAuth and pass your own virConnectAuth. I just posted a
patch for a new C example (based on hellolibvirt) that demonstrates
how to do this.

I CCed you to the patch so you should already have it in your inbox to try it.


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