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Re: [libvirt] A problem in live migration

I am not sure if libvirt has resolved hostname and ip mapping problem, it had better that two 
hosts have same domain name, such as "dhcp-1-2-3.nay.redhat.com" and "dhcp-4-5-6.nay.redhat.com".

In addition, I haven't seen your any storage pool information on two hosts, you need to create 
a sharing storage such as nfs sharing folder, and your guest is in the storage, of course, you
may also manually mount your nfs folder to target host instead of creating storage pool.

Best Regards,

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Subject: [libvirt] A problem in live migration

In virsh, I use command "migrate --live 1 qemu+ssh:// " to do live migration,but it shows error "internal error hostname on destination resolved to localhost, but migration requires an FQDN". I don't know why, and who do live migration successfully can help me. Thank you! 
My source and destination system are all fedora-13-x86_64, and the version of libvirt is 0.8.2 

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