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Re: [libvirt] kvm savevm/loadvm

Quoting Chris Lalancette (clalance redhat com):
> On 07/20/10 - 05:17:43AM, Serge Hallyn wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > virsh has save/restore to do a one-time save+shutdown.  But it
> > does not expose kvm's savevm/restorevm, which let's me do
> > incremental snapshots.  Is there a specific reason why that
> > is not exposed in libvirt, or is it just that noone has
> > implemented it?
> The save/restore API only does a memory snapshot.  If you are referring

Jinkeys, I guess so - my first tests were confounded by the page
cache being reverted and then synced back to disk :)

> to the savevm/loadvm/delvm, which take a disk+memory snapshot, then that is
> implemented in terms of the libvirt snapshot API.  You can start here:
> http://libvirt.org/html/libvirt-libvirt.html#virDomainSnapshotCreateXML

Ok, so the snapshot created by virDomainSnapshotCreateXML is not what
is used by 'virsh snapshot-create'?  Are there any plans of exporting
this through virsh?


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